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Tyara Smith Try Singing Ability

Tyara Smith

Tyara Smith

Tyara Smith

Tyara Smith

Who does not know sensual face, Tyara Smith. Sexy model who earned the nickname Queen These ads started her in 2003 and has starred in quite a lot of commercial products most wanted video. Also some brand products, such as cosmetics catalog, shampoo, candy, and lipstick.

Even the various roles in soap operas that dime until a major role in a television movie, made her name flying at all like a big PH Avicom, Servia, and Multivision. "Trust in 2005, Do not Stop Love Me, Love It Here, and some teen soap opera, I've played," said the girl voiced the most serious but this exotic.

In fact, in the soap opera tuyul and Mbak Yul, he never became Mbak Yul him for so many episodes. "I'm glad I did not become tuyul, as they may not match times yes," she explained.

Several cable television also catapulted girl the world entertaimen. However, Tyara Smith more interested in the advertising world, compared to a soap opera lately by Tyara Smith story getting boring. In fact, so many advertisements that once she was starring, virgin this long noses dubbed as the Queen of Commercials. "Because basically, I myself have basic education at the London School Advertising," she explained.

In fact, until now, she was still tied to cooperation with one of the leading banks, food products, medicines and milk. However, more interesting, at the age of 23 years, it offers in the world of drag votes coming. This is a challenge that can not afford rejected.

"Right now, I was given the opportunity by the label's greatest right now to become a singer. I think this is God's greatest gift in my life, "she said. But for girl, this is not the last option for the profession. Because she himself felt still have a lot to explore and develop themselves in the world of drag votes. "Many also sich who help me, like Mas Dodi, Vidky Mas, Mas Yudi, from Nagaswara also to support me," Tyara Smith said.

But in the arena of music itself, typically including the rare deep voice. But there's nothing wrong if given the chance Tyara Smith 'move' at that point. "Actually, yes this is the last option, if I may say. Which I have a target, in the age of my 25, if for example my career in this field do not come up really, I take my will of the master and will maximize the basic that I have. Where I'm going to work and teach as a teacher, "explained the owner's real name is Satya Ratu Tiara Smith.

What is certain noble ideals that shows she has a back up plan, in which he was aware, that the world of entertainment and photo model only occasionally obtained. Field was clear for girl not to be a hanger for sure for people who do not like gambling. "At least, with a capital of education and the title that I have, will I be able to surfive, and survive," said the model birth of Manado, March 19, 1986.

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